At a glance

Keolis is a global leader in the shared mobility market and a committed partner to public transport authorities around the world. Together, we co-construct safe, smart and sustainable public transport solutions that help to create more attractive places to live and work. We facilitate the journeys of millions of people every day, helping to provide a better quality of life for each and everyone.

Keolis offers sustainable services to meet the challenges of mobility

Working in partnership with public policymakers, Keolis develops and operates safe, smart and sustainable shared mobility solutions that meet the needs of passengers, the constraints of local regions and the challenges of the modern world.

In keeping with our public service commitment, our objective is clear: to offer appealing alternatives to private cars. With this goal in mind, we are focused on responding to the challenges of the mobility sector: the ecological transition, the digital transformation of lifestyles, the new expectations of citizens who want more flexibility and simplicity when they travel as well as the safest, cleanest and most efficient mobility solutions available.

The Keolis Group in figures

  • 15
    regional rail networks
  • 31,000
    rental bicycles in France and the Netherlands
  • +450
    km of metro track

Keolis, a global leader in shared mobility

Keolis operates and maintains city, suburban and intercity networks on behalf of over 300 public transport authorities in 13 countries. A leader in automated metros and trams, our Group has expertise in a dozen different mobility modes, ranging from trains to bicycles, buses and sea and river shuttles. From on-demand transport to medical transport, carpooling, carsharing and parking, we are present across the whole mobility chain, working to promote complementarity between different modes of transport. We integrate innovative solutions on a daily basis Including autonomous vehicles - a mode with which we had already transported over 211,000 passengers by the end of 2021.

Keolis provides a public service mission that fosters social inclusion and regional development, while contributing to the ecological transition.

Marie-Ange Debon, Chairwoman and Group CEO

Keolis, providing services worldwide

Keolis is a leading multimodal operator-integrator with a footprint across 13 countries and four continents. Outside of France, the Group has over 30,000 employees and generates half of its revenues from its international businesses. In addition to a long track record operating in Northern Europe, Keolis has also grown its footprint in the UK and North America over 20 years and in Australia over 10 years. It is now developing its activities in Asia and the Middle East to meet the mobility needs of megacities in fast-growing regions.

"We are Keolis"

Keolis has 68,000 employees worldwide including drivers, mechanics, workshop managers, operations managers and support functions who share not only Keolis' values but also a common sense of public service. Their well-being at work is a top priority so our human resources policy is heavily focused on their professional development by growing their skills and recognising their commitment.